iPhone 13 Mini Leaked [How Will Be The Design?]

According To The Earliest Report of the iPhone 13 Series, There will be No major Changes. However, There will Be Some New Features than the Others. Just like the 12 Series, it will be a 4 Devices. As We Expected There Will Be an iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. According To leaks while this will look like a 12 mini but there will be a Slight Difference in the Camera Module.

iPhone 13 Mini Leaked
image : weibo

This was the leaked image which represents as iPhone 13 Mini Prototype. Note that this won’t claim the design of the Entire Module of 13 Series. It’s given a Better Design than the Previous Exposure. This leaked was Source From The post of Popular Chinese social site Weibo. There is Not clear that the phone is functional, so it may be a plastic mockup. But this rumor clear that we will get a 13 mini prototype handset with better exposure.

On the 12 series the camera module is vertically aligned in the left side of camera housing but the image shows 13 mini prototype is different where camera module is Diagonally aligned with flash where Top left corner placed a wide lens and the bottom right corner aligned a ultra wide lens.

According to the Chinese site, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will come with Samsung’s 120Hz LTPO OLED panel. This is the First Time Apple That has a refresh rate above 60Hz.

So We Should Be Clear that it was not any official Announcement through Apple. There is Not an Event or Programmes That Announces The Models of the 2021 Series. It may Be Fake. We Should Take These Rumors as General.

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