New Google Android 12 Update: What’re The Features?

FInally , Google launched Android 12 OS. This is the Beta Version Which Now Only Available in Google Pixel Devices. It’s Amazing and Cute Style May Attract Anyone.

It’s Under Development Mode, So It’s Not Perfect to install and Use On Your Drive, But For Testing Purpose You Can Use it. It’s Come With Lot’s Of New Updates with advanced Privacy Feature, Color Plate, notification Management, and More.

Here Are The Conformed Features Of Upcoming Android 12

  • Visual overhaul and color extraction
  • New Android 12 Quick Tiles
  • Easier Wi-Fi sharing
  • Emergency SOS
  • Privacy and security improvements
  • Smart Forwarding for Calls
  • Android 12 updates via Google Play

Visual overhaul and color extraction

Android 12 Now Become More Flexible and Attracting with This Color Extraction Feature, Which comes With a color extraction protocol to lift design elements from your installed wallpaper. Which Means It Will Change Your Entire system and Home Screen Color According To Your Wallpaper, but it depends On Your Homescreen Background. It automates in an easy way which makes you feel unique about Your Phone.

New Android 12 Quick Tiles

Android 12 Quick Tiles change the notification style in the previous version. First, you get the round icons at the top of the Panel. Now, you will Get the rounded rectangle panel that operates as previous quick tiles where tap turns them on, and long press takes you to the setting page. In addition, they will be larger and accommodate more Information.

Easier Wi-Fi sharing

In Android 11, If you want to share your current Wifi you can easily create a QR code and share it with your friends; in the 12 version, it’s got more improved where you can share wifi credentials tapping the button nearby without scanning QR Code.

Scanning QR is Also Easy, But This feature Allows You To Share Wifi Credinitals With Multiple Devices without Moving Phones, Which Makes it more Accessible for others Users.

Emergency SOS

Android 12 Pritriorized the Personal Saftey With This Emergency SOS Service. In Android 11 Google Brought The Car Crash Detection Features, now in 12 it becomes top level setting where you can access from the first Page Of Setting. This Complete Feature is not available in all countries.

Emergency SOS Feature will call the helpline number after pressing the power button five times. You Can add Your own SOS Helpline Number.

Privacy and security improvements

Google Announced More New Privacy Features For android 12 to make more transparency. You will get New Privacy Dashboard which gives details about how the apps using information.

With more features from dashboard users will get access to option to tweak perission. You will see managed permission setting in the timeline view where you can revoke apps permission.

Smart Forwarding for Calls

Smart Forwarding Allows You To Forward Your Calls Between the Two SIM Cards. This Will Be Helpful When One Sim is Unreachable.

Android 12 updates via Google Play

Google is making Android Runtime a module in Project Mainline for Android 12. However, it needs more consistency for apps and software to completely ART Behave, so Google Plans To delivered its All Updates Through Playstore, it easier and Fast To Update OS.

These Are The Conformed Features There Are Lot’s Of Others Features Also Available and Some Are Under Development You will Get This Full Version On The Next Year

Some Extra Features Of Android 12

  • New widgets
  • Bigger Toggles in Settings
  • Emojis on Screenshot Markup
  • Edit option in Share Sheet
  • Notifications Snooze
  • Media Controls
  • Redirect Vibration to Gaming Controllers
  • Reset Notification Ranking
  • App hibernation

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