10 Xenforo Must Have Addons 2021

Xenforo Is the One Of the Best CMS Software to Create an Advanced Forum Website. It is One Of The Best Software For me. I know It’s a little Complicated to Began With This, But After Having a Good Understanding of this CMS,

You Can Easily Create an amazing Forum Website With This Software. You Didn’t Need any high Skills or Coding Knowledge to Understand This.

Xenforo Addons are Like a WordPress Plugin. Simply You Can Install From Option>>Addons>>Add New Addon

Simply To Create an Advanced Forum You must have Some Addons so That You Can Secure, Speedup, and Optimized Your Forum. In Simple Meaning, Advanced Forums means there have multiple Features For Your members and your site. So that Visitors or members don’t Need to Go back or leave your Site for their requirements

Here You Will Get the List Of Top Xenforo Must Have Addons


This is the SEO Xenforo Addon You Will Get lots off multiple Features With these Addons. You Can manually Index Your Site Content whatever you Want. You Can Easily Setup “index”, “No-index”, “follow” Nofollow” Tags, Meta tags, Meta Description & Meta Title in Your Forums.

2. Image Optimizer By Themehouse

[Th] Image Optimizer is an image Optimization Addon. It is Also One Of The Recommended Xenforo Addons For Your Forum Website. It Helps to Optimize Your images, Gifs and Save Your Bandwidth Of your website, and Helps To Speedup Your Forum.

3. Xenforo Resource Manager

Xenforo Resource Manager Comes With Lite Version and Full Version. Light Version Is Free and other one is Paid. XRM Helps to manage resources on Your Forums like Files, Tutorials and Many more. Your Forum is Incomplete Without This addons if you want to Create a Download Systems.

4. [XenGenTr] Forum statistics system

[XenGenTr] Forum statistics system helps to Create a Statics widget on Your forum. This Addons Allows to list your forums Activities and threads Statically to the Users and the Ad Free.

5. (AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats By Addonflare

This is the Alternative and more Advanced Addon of [XenGenTr] Forum Statistics System. This Addon is More Simple, Clean & Flexible. You Can Show Latest Posts Latest Threads, Most Hottest Thread, Top Resources, Members, Most Popular Forums & many more in your statics widget.

6. Ads Manager By Siropu

Ads manager is the Best Addons To Manage Ads on Your Forum. It Gives you Full Features To Develop Your Forum Website as Advertisement Platform. It Supports Google Adsense, Banner Ads, Sticky Threads, Sponsards, Geo-Targeting, Affiliate Links, Code, Text Ads & Deeplinks. You Can Setup Your Ads in any Corner Of Your Website With The Help this Addon.

7. Similar Threads by Siropu

You Thought This addon is Simple but in my View, It Is The Most Important Addon For Your Forum. It Shows the Similar posts while Creating threads and Similar Posts while Viewing the Threads.

It plays an important role to Decrease Bounce Rate Of Your forum which is the most important SEO Factor For Your Forum or any website and Decreases the Duplicant Content on Your forum by Showing Similar Posts while Creating Threads.

8. Dragonbyte Credits

It helps to Create Your own Virtual Points or Currency For Your Website which shows your Forum Pro or Advanced. Later With The Help Of Dragonbyte Ecommerce Addon, You Can Create a Marketplace and you Can use those Points as a Currency in Your Forum Website.

9. Signup abuse detection and blocking

This is The Security and Spam reduction Addon. You Can Reduce Spam Logins and manage user activities and Logs. You Can Block and manage isp with This Addon.

If your Forum is small and Beginning then Xenforo Default system will fulfil the Search System in your Forum, But If your Forum Grow or have too many Contents then I feel Xenforo Default Search feature is not good For Forum. It’s doesn’t so the appropriate results. So I Highly Recommend To Have this Addon.

Summary List Of Xenforo Must Have Addons

Download All Addons and Styles From Here

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